Audio calling cards (updated)

April 12, 2007

Two great public addresses by P. Lang and JH Kunstler laying out the basics of their respective messages:

Lecture at the Miller Center by Lang.

Commonwealth Club of CA lecture by Kunstler.

Each link is to an .mp3 that can be streamed or, by right clicking and choosing “save link as…” downloaded to your system.

There isn’t anything in these talks that is terribly new for the initiated, but they are concise and articulate summaries of the Middle East situation (Lang) and the energy picture (Kunstler) from the valuable perspectives of the speakers. Great to give to the skeptical or those merely wishing to learn more but unsure if they want to make the considerable time investment needed to read articles and books. For that audience, these speeches make the perfect “hook”.

Lang mentionds the “prioritization of the group interest over the individual”, that sets Muslim (or non-Western) societies in general from the modern, especially Anglo, West. Much of this difference has been caused by the varied impact of the ideas surveyed in the BBC series The Trap, which was the subject of a previous post on this blog. Those expecting to see contemporary, Western-style individualism taken up by traditional societies overnight in response to propoganda and external pressure are discounting the labyrinthine and far-from pre-ordained historical process by which they have gained predominant in the Anglo West.


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