So I guess we’re up to step two…

May 17, 2007

Covering Sen. Mike Gravel’s announcement of a legislative plan to end the Iraq war, Dana Milbank of the Washington Post* wrote:

The notion of Clinton or Barack Obama demanding passage of the Gravel plan was amusing, but no more than Gravel’s other foreign policy views. He asserted that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “much smarter than our president” and said Iran is “not a threat to us.” The United States, he said, should tell Iran “we’re sorry for what we did in 1952. . . . It’ll work like magic.”

Until the SC debate and this announcement, the Gravel campaign was being ignored by the MSM, and now is being cited as comic relief, so I guess we’re right on Mohandas K. Gandhi’s schedule:

First, they ignore you.
Then they laugh at you.
Then they fight you.
Then you win.

Just think about the point the system has reached, when proposition as obvious as the following are considered too hilarious to take seriously within “polite society”: that a) the ostensibly anti-war party (D’s) ought to be using its Constitutional powers to end the war it “opposes” and b) that the leader of a country (Putin of Russia) who, since 2000, has unquestionably improved the strategic and economic position of his nation against all odds is more astute than the leader of a country (Bush of the US) who squandered all his initial advantages and irreparably damaged his country’s previously high standing. Such a system is like a hollow husk, ripe for the first gust of wind to disintegrate it.

I feel a warm breeze coming from the Gulf….

*no link, because I no longer promote malignant tumors within the body politic.

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One Response to “So I guess we’re up to step two…”

  1. Rog said

    Nice Ghawar link. (I think Ghawar might classify as a malignant tumor within the body energetic though. Don’t get me wrong, I sing the praises of the body energetic. “Civilization is just a party and parties weren’t meant to…)

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