Chalmers Johnson speaks

May 18, 2007

One of the very few I’ve heard who really put it all together. All except the energy/environmental situation, which would only add urgency to his message, but then, no one person can be a universal scholar anymore. The reason it would have fit well into this interview is that, according to much of what I’ve read, intelligence professionals within the US, looking back on the Soviet collapse in hindsight, connected it to falling levels of petroleum production. If you don’t believe that was a possible factor, see the pictures of Baku in Crude Awakening.

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I must admit, that Scott Horton guy has some amazing guests on these days, even though he does have a rather loopy voice and a fixation on one particular ’08 Presidential candidate. Er, not that we at Megamachine would know anything about fixating on one particular candidate…


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