General request to megamachanics (readers of this blog):

Have any of you opinions on freeware or shareware audio programs for the Mac (or Linux ones which can be ported to Mac Os X 10.4 Intel)?

Disederata (desired functionality): capturing audio streams to .mp3 files, turning microphone input into .mp3 files, converting any formats (.ogg for instance) to .mp3.

Freeware would be prefered, but if there is a shareware program out there that performs several functions, or performs one function particularly well, it would be worth consideration.

Over the next several days, I will be trying a few out myself and offer my reactions.

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Blogging live from the departure lounge at the airport where I am to start my latest round of travels, I thought I would leave my loyal readers some things to entertain themselves while I’m on the road. Well, it turns out that one can watch a bunch of classical music performances free on Youtube. Here are some that I stumbled across in the last few days and found in accordance with my taste (heavily weighted towards the German baroque)

Flammende Rose, from the Nine German Arias by Handel, sung by a countertenor and accompanied on period instruments.

A playlist mainly composed of Misha Maisky playing the Bach Cello suites. Good to put on as background music while typing.

Another playlist with a very generous selection of Bach choral music by different performers.

Readers are invited submit their own favorite Youtube videos of classical music performances in “comments”

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Two great public addresses by P. Lang and JH Kunstler laying out the basics of their respective messages:

Lecture at the Miller Center by Lang.

Commonwealth Club of CA lecture by Kunstler.

Each link is to an .mp3 that can be streamed or, by right clicking and choosing “save link as…” downloaded to your system.

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Edward Aldwell, 1938-2006

March 13, 2007

Edward Aldwell

Checking up on what Aldwell was up to these days–I remembered hearing something vague about his working on some new recordings–I found out that he died in an ATV accident a few months ago. Turns out he was getting ready to record the English Suites, but now we’ll never get to find out to find out what his interpretation might have been like, which is a real shame. Amazon lists about 6 CD albums, belonging to him, all but one of them Bach. There must be others recorded on LP and not remastered, and I’d be interested to find out what those might be. Read the rest of this entry »

Seen recently on the internet and either filled a deep semantic need or tickled my funny bone:

1) concern troll

2) intellectual self-defense

3) coalition of the drilling