The Real Dolchstoss

May 24, 2007

Ah irony of ironies, it’s not coming from the feckless Dem Congress (redundancy?), which doesn’t even have the gumption to stab the military juggernaut in the back, but from a country which owes its very existence to recent US military intervention. Kuwait’s act of decoupling its currency from the dollar also has a certain resonance for those who are familiar with the Vietnam War’s effect on the dollar and the financial factors involved in the US’s withdrawal from the previous quagmire in American overseas military history. If one of the only countries in the world which should have a genuine interest a continuing US occupation of Iraq–at least if conventional wisdom is to be believed–finds it can’t even be inconvenienced any more to support the petrodollar, then one really has to wonder just where the questioning of our premises should begin. Incidentally, all this brings to mind the following masterpiece of political theatre:

Rob Newman’s History of Oil

Set aside a solid 45 mins to watch this, because it’s really impossible to stop once you get into it.

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One of the very few I’ve heard who really put it all together. All except the energy/environmental situation, which would only add urgency to his message, but then, no one person can be a universal scholar anymore. The reason it would have fit well into this interview is that, according to much of what I’ve read, intelligence professionals within the US, looking back on the Soviet collapse in hindsight, connected it to falling levels of petroleum production. If you don’t believe that was a possible factor, see the pictures of Baku in Crude Awakening.

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